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Every Event Counts!

It is our mission to end homelessness & poverty! We believe every business has an opportunity to be a part of a solution to end poverty and homelessness in America. With that, every photo booth event booked we will dedicate proceeds of $50 or more to shelters and food pantries throughout Colorado. 

The Startling Facts

In 2018, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reported that Colorado had an estimated 10,857 people experience homelessness. Of that total, there were: 2,738 individuals, 1,073 Veterans, 990 family households, and 593 unaccompanied young adults (aged 18-24) who experienced chronic homelessness. With the rapidly rising costs of healthcare and housing, we need more community-wide leadership, volunteers, and donations to impact the way we combat this community problem. 

Homelessness not only impacts the health and wellness of individuals suffering from chronic homelessness, but it impacts the welfare of our entire community. It is a problem that can be solved, and it is within our power as a community to change the way we address homelessness and fight to end it. 

Agencies dedicated to helping the homeless must do a lot with very little. They often help hundreds of people get out homelessness by providing goods, services, housing/shelter, and access to healthcare. Many of these agencies rely on donations from individuals and corporations in order to keep their doors open. 

We at Pro Photo Booth Events feel that local businesses have a responsibility to create change that will impact our community. We might be a growing organization, but we believe in helping all individuals in our community because of our love for humanity and need to care for others.

We fully embrace our philanthropical spirit by being thankful for all that we have and can provide to others. We also share this spirit with our clients because we know we must come together as a community to end this societal injustice. As a way of giving back to our community, we pledge that $50 of every event we book will be donated to a local homeless shelter in Colorado.